Astrology FAQs

Q 1 What is Astrology?

Ans 1 a) Astrology helps in decoding the relation between planets and human beings and analyzing the effect of planetary positions on human beings.

Q 2 Why do we consult an astrologer?

Ans 2 An astrologer can predict (decode) the relation and effect of planet on human beings.

Q 3 What can astrology tell us?

Ans 3 Astrology can help us about our strengths and weaknesses and about our favorable and unfavorable phases of life.

Q4 How can astrology help us?

Ans 4 We can utilize the strengths, weaknesses, favorable and unfavorable times that we came to know through astrology for taking major decisions in our life which can improve the results and consequences.

Q 5 Do remedies actually work?

Ans 5 Remedies do work but to an extent only. You can control your weakness through a remedy but you cannot convert a weakness into strength. For eg a remedy can make a student achieve 40 marks instead of 38 but cannot convert 2 marks into 40.

Q 6 How do remedies help?

Ans 6 Remedies work on our beliefs and thinking due to which we take actions which in turn leads to the consequences and results.


Vastu FAQs


Q1 What is Vastu?

Ans1 Vastu is aligning the energy received from universe in a property.

Q2 How do we align these energies?

Ans2 We can align these energies in different ways like placing elements, articles, statues, colors in particular and respective directions of energy.

Q3 How do these remedies work?

Ans3 These placements in particular direction of energies create an impression on our subconscious mind due to which we think accordingly and it leads to better actions and we receive desired results.

Q4 Does everyone need to get Vastu done?

Ans4 No, everyone doesn’t need to get Vastu done. We recommend Vastu remedies only for those people who are facing some problems in life or are not satisfied with their present circumstances.

Q5 Is it necessary to demolish or renovate a building for improving Vastu?

Ans5 No, it’s not mandatory. Remedies can also help in improving the Vastu of a property. Only in some rare cases do we recommend a renovation.