Lina Cizaite

Destiny is uncertain. Obstacles are inevitable. Pain, fears, ambitions, insecurities are the rough tides of time, through which we all have to pass…. & so I sailed through them. During these stormy waves, we all come across this question.. ” What is the purpose of life? ” As I faced the same… the search found its seeking in Ayurveda, Spirituality & Astrology !! 

THE CORE: AYURVEDA – Ayurveda builds deep learning in healing body through nature. The organic culture shapes human mind & body to lead a purposeful life.

THE CORE: ASTROLOGY – Astrology helps in better understanding of one’s own self. The path of our life gets clearer as we seek guidance through astrological path. The beauty of Indian culture & spirituality is vedic knowledge of soul in the astral space with past relations & future decisions. Astrology is a tool for acceptance of events in the period of space & time. We become calmer with astrological awareness. In the desperation of pain and turbulence .. i got hooked to the answers found in ASTROLOGY about deeper truths of life. 


Honorable Swami Buddh Puri Ji: His invaluable teachings evolved me spiritually. He enlightened me on truths of human existence & purpose of life. 

Revered Dr. Suresh Atray Ji: This noble & learned family made me concrete in astrology. The traditional culture, generosity, love & care….I found in India & in their family environment… a pure house of learning. It gave me higher perspectives.

Guide Marc Boney: The seed that sprouted through various twists & meticulous teachings of teachers, revered Marc Boney nurtured my self & the inner strength brightened. 


Encouragement received from my Guru long years back… is my soulful purpose. Guiding humanity through astrology & encouraging them on their paths with strength is my ultimate passion!! 

LINA CIZATTE – Certificate in Health & Ayurveda  (Middlesex University, London, UK), Degree in Interior & Furniture Design & Technology