I consider Sachin Atray my mentor. Learning astrology can get complicated, but Sachin makes it fun while at the same time educationally valuable. Whether in life happens good or bad, he helps put life into a perspective where we all have free will and every event offers spiritual growth.


Its been 6 years that I have been consulting Sachin Atray for all my major decisions in life, be it our business or personal life. His predictions have always been strong and true to a large extent. He is indeed a trustworthy consultant and the trust is growing stronger with each passing day.

Vani Aggarwal

Ahmedabad, 9167070996
I’ve found Lakshya’s tarot readings have been quite accurate. His predictions from kundali have also been extremely helpful. The presence of love in his voice, in addition to his wise assessment of my life’s trajectory have been uplifting in those moments of turmoil. He is not only gifted, but loves what he does. He has always answered all my questions very patiently and guided me and my family through some of the toughest times.

Jyotsna Gupta

It was a gréât experience with this duo. They have simple & easy solutions which are workable. Life becomes better as their knowledge is immense.

Aastha Sharma

Its been almost a decade knowing Lakshya. I find myself lucky to meet a person who is so positive, straightforward and understanding. On the flip side if i have to say something about his profession, i have actually experienced whatever he told me so i truely believe his predictions. Whenever I am in a dilemma I have him to guide me as my coach to set the right goal. His predictions have made my decisions more stronger and successful.


Sachin is definitely one of the best astrologer's of his generation. Not only does he have the ability to make accurate forecast but he also provides appropriate guidance and options conforming to needs and situations. He is a true professional with a higher sense of responsibility.